Voice Industry & Skills Course

3 hour Course (Held as 1h30mins a day over 2 days)

Starts Second Monday of Every Month

6pm - 7:30pm (UTC+2)

Learn the art & techniques to upskill your voice, and how to stay relevant in an evolving industry.


FREE Voice-Over Workshop

Wednesdays (Weekly)

8pm - 9pm (UTC+2)

Discover the vast opportunities of the

world of Voice-Over.

And, how anyone can become a part of this thriving Industry.

Course Outline





First Thursday of Every Month

6pm - 8pm (UTC+2)

*Only people who have attended a SAVOA Boothcamp live or online are qualified to join this advanced coaching group.

The OnGoing-Coaching features many exciting topics and will vary from month to month. It's an Annual Subscription** billed monthly.