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FREE Online Voice-Over Training


Session Outline:

Details: Weekly 1 hour Session every Wednesday @ 8pm-9pm


  • General Introduction to Industry

  • What it takes to become a voice artist 

  • Different types of selling points

  • How to benefit from your own Home Setup

  • Voice over delivery styles

About Us:

SAVOA teaches the techniques that the pro's use to make voice-over sound so simple - techniques that will immediately set you apart from your fellow artistic peers.


We have also designed a first-of-its kind opportunity for corporate employees to gain confidence needed in an ever changing and demanding environment, to compete under pressure and learn to communicate effectively as a team through the art of voice-over and voice directing. There are countless dynamics in a voice-over session, making it the perfect team building activity for corporates.

SAVOA offers voice over coaching to - restaurant staff - radio station and tv station News readers for all South African Languages - school scholars reading and performing - call center voice training - tv and radio advertising - narration - IVR - Documentary.

With our team's wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, SAVOA is a world-class voice-over training facility.

By learning modulation and control of voice, and by gaining a solid understanding of the business and marketing aspects, we assist beginners and professionals to investigate, evaluate, break into, or advance their voice-over careers - and this is what sets us apart from any other training facilities.

 Our vision and mission is to raise the standard of voice-over in South Africa.